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Meet Linda Richards, AIA Vice President

Meet Linda Richards, AIA Vice President
Last updated: 19 Feb 2024 09:00 Posted in: AIA
认识琳达·理查兹 (Linda Richards),AIA 副总裁
最后更新: 2024 年 2 月 19 日 09:00 发表于: AIA
In the field of finance and accounting, individuals often embark on distinctive journeys that carve their path towards success. One such journey is embodied by Linda Richards, AIA Vice President and Finance Director of Wildstar Films.
在财务和会计领域,每个人经常踏上独特的旅程,开辟自己的成功之路。AIA 副总裁兼Wildstar Films财务总监Linda Richards就是这样的经历之一。
This interview delves into Linda’s inspiring story, from aspiring accountant navigating the BBC’s unique financial environment to steering the financial helm of a globally recognised, award winning film production company and being shortlisted for Finance Director of the Year at the Accounting Excellence Awards 2023.
本次采访深入探讨了琳达的鼓舞人心的故事,从一位有抱负的会计师驾驭 BBC 独特的金融环境,到掌管一家全球知名的获奖电影制作公司的财务掌舵人,再到入围 2023 年会计卓越奖年度财务总监候选名单
Linda Richards sheds light on her involvement with the AIA and her perspective on the evolving landscape of the accounting industry, the significance of diversity and inclusion, and the challenges posed by technological advancements. This conversation not only unravels Linda’s professional journey but also provides a glimpse into her vision for the AIA’s future.
琳达·理查兹 (Linda Richards) 阐述了她对 AIA 的参与以及她对会计行业不断发展的格局、多样性和包容性的重要性以及技术进步带来的挑战的看法。这次谈话不仅揭示了琳达的职业历程,还让我们一睹她对 AIA 未来的愿景。
Can you tell our readers what inspired you to become an accountant? And the journey you have taken to achieve your goals so far?
Well, I certainly didn’t take a standard route into accountancy, if there is such a thing?
I left school with A levels in the late 1970s, a time when the conventional career paths for women were relatively limited to roles such as nursing and working in a bank. Uninterested in these options, I spent over a decade working in a variety of roles across the civil service and NHS.
我在 20 世纪 70 年代末以 A Level 水平毕业,当时女性的传统职业道路相对局限于护理和银行工作等角色。我对这些选择不感兴趣,十多年来,我在公务员系统和国民医疗服务体系中担任过各种角色。
While working at the NHS, I realised my interest in television, so when an opportunity as an assistant accountant in the finance department at the BBC arose, I seized it. This marked the beginning of my accounting journey and a 15 year tenure at the BBC followed. It was during this time that I made the decision to formalise my accounting skills, leading me to join AIA and undertake my professional accountancy qualifications.
在 NHS 工作期间,我意识到自己对电视行业感兴趣,因此当 BBC 财务部担任助理会计师的机会出现时,我抓住了它。这标志着我会计生涯的开始,随后我在 BBC 工作了 15 年。正是在这段时间,我决定正规化我的会计技能,这促使我加入AIA并取得我的专业会计资格。
Following my time at the BBC I further broadened my skill set, undertaking senior finance roles within both the banking and insurance sectors, before eventually returning to the television industry.
在 BBC 工作之后,我进一步拓宽了自己的技能,在银行和保险行业担任高级财务职务,然后最终回到电视行业。
Then out of the blue six years ago, a unique opportunity presented itself when two former BBC colleagues approached me to join their newly formed business start-up as the Finance Director. Some would say a big risk, but I truly felt passion for the project and believed in the founder’s vision. We have witnessed phenomenal growth in the intervening six years, becoming a leading Natural History programme maker employing 140 staff with turnover exceeding £30 million.
六年前,一个独特的机会突然出现,两位前 BBC 同事找到我,加入他们新成立的初创企业,担任财务总监。有人会说风险很大,但我确实对这个项目充满热情,并相信创始人的愿景。在这六年里,我们见证了惊人的增长,成为领先的自然历史节目制作商,拥有 140 名员工,营业额超过 3000 万英镑。
What attracted you to join the AIA and latterly to take on the role of AIA Vice President?
是什么吸引您加入 AIA 并随后担任 AIA 副总裁?
My decision to join the AIA was twofold. Firstly, it was to formalise my interest in accounting, and secondly, as a management accountant I found the AIA’s topic focus highly relevant to my work at the time. I believed, and still do, that a broad base of knowledge is crucial for a successful accounting career, and AIA provides that knowledge platform.
我加入 AIA 的决定是双重的。首先,这是为了正式确定我对会计的兴趣,其次,作为一名管理会计师,我发现 AIA 的主题重点与我当时的工作高度相关。我相信并且仍然相信,广泛的知识基础对于成功的会计职业至关重要,而 AIA 提供了这个知识平台。
Becoming a council member and subsequently Vice President has been a real honour and for me an opportunity to offer a unique and fresh perspective to the council. As a woman who has never worked in practice, I saw an opportunity to provide valuable insights for accountants beyond the confines of traditional practice spheres. My goal was and still remains to be a catalyst for change, contributing a distinctive viewpoint to shape the AIA’s trajectory in a more inclusive and diverse direction.
成为理事会成员并随后成为副主席是我真正的荣幸,对我来说,这是一个向理事会提供独特而新鲜的视角的机会。作为一名从未在实践中工作过的女性,我看到了一个机会,可以为会计师提供超越传统实践领域的宝贵见解。我的目标过去是、现在仍然是变革的催化剂,贡献独特的观点,以更具包容性和多元化的方向塑造 AIA 的发展轨迹。
Can you share with our readers what skills you feel have made you a successful accountant?
Understanding business is paramount. While technical proficiency is essential, the ability to work collaboratively, share information and seek the best outcomes for the business is equally vital. Soft skills, such as effective communication and influencing, play a significant role.
Being able to adapt and use these skills to drive positive outcomes for oneself, the company and the professional organisation is absolutely key.
What does it mean to you to be an international accountant?
Being an international accountant signifies being part of a global team with shared goals and ambitions. In today’s world, accounting transcends borders, and being part of a community that spans the globe is a source of pride. It emphasises the importance of common standards and a global approach to financial practices.
Given your unique role, what do you see as the role of AIA as a professional accounting organisation?
鉴于您的独特角色,您认为 AIA 作为专业会计组织的作用是什么?
A professional accounting organisation plays a multifaceted role, supporting members and clients, upholding standards, leading the industry in a positive direction and acting in the public interest. By maintaining high professional standards, such organisations provide the framework for accountants to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients and businesses, contributing to the overall wellbeing of the industry.
Equality, diversity and inclusion within the accounting sector is imperative. Do you feel the AIA and the wider sector is doing enough?
会计行业的平等、多元化和包容性势在必行。您认为 AIA 和更广泛的行业做得足够吗?
Achieving equality, diversity and inclusion is a complex challenge, and while progress has been made, there’s far more to be done in the accounting sector. It is encouraging to see the AIA, in particular, making significant strides to actively bring about positive change.
Initiatives such as the AIA scholarships programme which launched in 2021 are an excellent way to contribute toward increased inclusion, offering the younger generation a financially viable pathway into the industry.
2021 年推出的 AIA 奖学金计划等举措是促进包容性的绝佳方式,为年轻一代提供了进入该行业的经济上可行的途径。
However, personally I think to drive change faster we need to see the industry as a collective – coming together and working together for the greater good.
In addition to equality, diversity and inclusion, what do you see as the main challenges for the accountancy industry moving into 2024 and beyond?
除了平等、多元化和包容性之外,您认为会计行业进入 2024 年及以后面临的主要挑战是什么?
The rapid evolution of AI poses a significant challenge to the accountancy industry. The sector must quickly understand, adapt and harness the power of AI to add value effectively. Striking the right balance between leveraging AI for efficiency, while retaining the necessity for human understanding and interpretation, will be crucial. AI cannot fully replace human judgement.
Sustainability is another challenge, not just in terms of green initiatives but also in fostering good practices within businesses, treating staff well and promoting responsible interactions with the world.
Where would you like to see AIA in ten years’ time?
十年后您希望在哪里看到 AIA?
I see a bright future for AIA. In the next decade, I envision the AIA continuing to lead in new areas, working closely with SMEs and proactively adapting to industry changes. Embracing technological advancements, remaining at the forefront of industry trends, and strengthening global presence will ensure its continued relevance and influence for members.
What’s next for Linda Richards?
While retirement might be on the longer-term horizon, my immediate business focus is on the continued success and growth of Wildstar Films, alongside succession planning to prepare a capable replacement and facilitate a smooth transition when the time (eventually) comes for me to step down.
虽然退休可能是长远的事情,但我当前的业务重点是 Wildstar Films 的持续成功和发展,同时制定继任计划,准备一个有能力的替代者,并在我(最终)退休时促进平稳过渡向下。
From an AIA perspective, I would like to continue to work proactively on the council to facilitate positive change for our membership and the wider industry. I want to build on the great work we have started with regard to equality, diversity and inclusion, building a more balanced representation on the council which reflects truly represents our globally diverse membership.
从 AIA 的角度来看,我希望继续在理事会中积极工作,以促进我们的会员和更广泛的行业发生积极的变化。我希望在我们在平等、多样性和包容性方面开展的伟大工作的基础上,在理事会中建立更加平衡的代表性,真正体现我们全球多元化的成员资格。
And finally, what advice would you give to any aspiring accountants reading this interview?
My advice for aspiring accountants is to recognise the value of teamwork and seek support from colleagues. Don’t struggle alone; share your challenges and achievements. With determination and support, you can achieve anything. I started with little knowledge in accounting and became the Finance Director of a multi-million pound turnover business. The journey is challenging, but with perseverance, it’s incredibly rewarding.

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