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 Last updated on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 13:04

On the 08 October 2018 the historic House of Lords, Westminster, London played host to the Association of International Accountants (AIA) 90th Anniversary Dinner celebration. Over 120 guests from the world of finance and accounting attended the celebrations which took place in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace; a location which provided guests with stunning views of the River Thames and London Millennium Eye.


Lord Beecham, Shadow Justice Minister in the House of Lords kindly agreed to host the 90th Anniversary Dinner, opening proceedings on the evening with a congratulatory message for the AIA. 

The evening was truly one of celebration marking the association’s historic 90th birthday as well as the continued growth and success which the AIA has achieved globally to date in 2018. 


It was a pleasure to welcome several guests of honour on the evening, including Madam Liu Hongwei, CACFO President; Mr Ma Yuping, Chairman, Fengyang Fund; and Mr Mr Zhu Danian, Century Dingli Chairman and Metro Education Director. The presence of such distinguished guests is testimony to the role that International Accountants play globally. 

The evening proceedings were closed by AIA President, Les Bradley. Within his closing remarks, Les commented: “It all began in 1928 as AIA pushed the boundaries of the accountancy profession and established one of the first global accountancy bodies, which quickly expanded across the world with British trade. 

“At the time in the early twentieth century, AIA was the only international accountancy body providing a professional qualification, that encompassed accountants all over the world. The AIA aimed to create an organisation that would work on both a national and international scale, which would secure a recognised professional status for accountants. 


 “Much has changed over the intervening 90 years, but our ethos and values have remained steadfast throughout. AIA’s original mission in 1928 still remains true today; to create world class accountants.” 

He added: “Since taking on the role of AIA President 5 years ago it never ceases to amaze me how the AIA can continually adapt to be at the forefront of an ever-changing landscape within the finance and accountancy sectors. All the while proudly maintaining its rich heritage and values. 

“I have personally been a member of the AIA for over 40 years, throughout my career in fact, and I am proud to belong to, and now represent, such a forward thinking and diverse organisation.” 

Philip Turnbull, AIA Chief Executive, added: "Thank you to our guests of honour, council members and guests, as well as the AIA team for making this a truly memorable evening.

“A special thank you must also go to our 90th Anniversary year sponsors; Metro Education, Beijing HuaBao WeiYe Management Consulting, CSKM Global Education Group, Parkers Accountants and Shahram Moallemi & Co. Without their loyal support such celebratory events would not be possible. 

“2018 has been quite an unforgettable year for the AIA. Thank you to everyone who has made the AIA what it is today.”









      当晚的会议由AIA会长Les Bradley宣布结束。他在闭幕词中说:这一切始于1928年,当时AIA突破了会计行业的界限成立了最早的全球会计机构之一并且其业务迅速扩展到世界各地。他说:在二十世纪初,AIA是唯一一个为世界各地的会计师提供专业资格的国际会计组织。AIA旨在创建一个在国内和国际范围内开展工作以确保会计师获得公认的专业地位的组织机构。


       “在过去的90年里,尽管我们的精神和价值观发生了巨大的变化,但我们始终坚定不移。AIA1928年的最初使命至今仍是如此,即创建世界级会计师他补充道:自五年前担任AIA会长以来,我一直感到惊讶的是,AIA如何能够不断适应并且站在会计和金融行业不断变化的格局前沿始终自豪地维护其丰富的遗产和价值观。 事实上,在我的整个职业生涯中,成为AIA成员已有40余年,我为自己成为这样一个具有前瞻性,多元化的组织成员而感到自豪。


      AIA会长Philip Turnbull先生补充说道:感谢各位贵宾,各位议员、各位来宾以及AIA团队,让这一个晚上成为一个真正值得纪念的夜晚。 “与此同时也要特别感谢我们这次90周年晚宴赞助商:北京华宝伟业管理咨询有限公司, Parkers事务所和Shahram Moallemi & Co.”,没有他们的全力支持,就没有这次晚宴的成功举办。